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The Dramsky Vision

A one stop pit for all your whisky investment needs. From the moment a cask is carefully selected up till your bottle of whisky is delivered to your doorstep. Buy, sell and trade on Solana’s first liquor marketplace. Have peace of mind with safe and secure transactions offered via blockchain technology.
We strive to create a simple bridge for communities in the real world and web 3.

Beginner or whisky connoisseur? Join the Dramsky movement! Open and easily accessible to all.
The key to your future with Dramsky lies within each unique piece of our NFT art. Be a part of the strongest community-run brand and business. We provide the Web3 platforms to make it happen.

Sit back, pour yourself a dram and watch your investments grow.

Why Dramsky?

We break down barriers and solve common issues faced with purchasing and investing in whisky.

We offer solutions that bring additional value and liquidity to our ecosystem and the whisky market as a whole.

We Are Everywhere

Our experience in the blockchain industry allows us to easily reach a range of global communities far and wide.

Get in Early

Affordable whisky from specially sourced casks. We create and mint cask NFTs that each represent a bottle of whisky.

Liqui-Fi your NFT

In need of spare cash? Unlock liquidity with our loan facility by using your whisky NFT as collateral.

Feel Safe

Fully authenticated casks. All transactions are transparent within the blockchain. Your NFTs are proof of your digital ownership.

Flex your Whisky

Too much whisky? Fret not. Display your assets in our digital vault, anytime and anywhere!

The Dramsky Society

A collection of bad-ass bartenders, the gatekeepers of Dramsky. Be part of our story.
The Bartenders

Hundreds flocked to catch a glimpse of the trio's first prized possession—the Craigellachie Cask of 2009. News had spread of this famed trio and the mission upon which they had embarked.

Carefully stored in the cellar of the town's most notorious group of bartenders, lines formed in the chilly weather as patrons waited for their turn.

In another room, a deal was sealed. The cask had officially exchanged hands. It now belonged to one of the most esteemed leaders of the city, with a tribe so strong that their aura surrounded the path they walked on.

Unique Art
Specially curated characters that represent your membership with us.
Priority Access
First dibs on rare whiskies, auctions, upcoming cask mints and other events.
IRL Events
Attend whisky masterclasses, dine and taste, private whisky groups etc.
Dramsky DAO
Be part of the strongest whisky-DAO and a voice that drives our brand and business.
Stake your bartenders to earn $DRAMS daily. Redeem to offset marketplace & shipping fees, future mints, whisky merchandise and more!

How are we doing it?

Product Roadmap

September 2022
Dramsky Begins
Website Live
Web 2 Partnerships
Dramsky Society Unlocked
Marketplace Live
First Cask Launch
Auction & Raffle House
Whisky Portfolio Management
Dramsky DAO
Dramsky Digital Vault

Our Team

Community Manager
Senior Blockchain Developer
Lye Hoe
UI UX Designer
Lead Artist
Whisky Advisor
Chief Technical Advisor
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